Bolta Werke GmbH

Bolta Werke is the single largest operation of its kind in the World, based in Bavaria in Germany, supplying specialist parts to OEM’s in the Automotive Industriy. It employs nearly one thousand persons and has sales of over 125million Euros.
Development / Prototyping / Visualization / Precision Moulding Parts / Galvanizing (Plating) / Coating (Painting) Construction of tools and racks.

Brief description on the company / business

Bolta Werke GmbH was originally founded in 1921 and is now part of the Purico group of companies of United Kingdom. The company produces plastic parts with special surfaces and is a supplier for the automotive and sanitary industry and one of the leading companies for specially moulded painted, chrome or other metals plated plastic parts in Europe supplying to Auto manufacturers in Asia, Europe and North America. Since joining the  Purico Group of Companies, Capital Expenditure of over 80 million Euros has been made in Bolta Werke Gmbh.

We have our own development department, tooling department, injection department, three electroplating lines, hot stamping lines, printing (silk screen, tampon- and laser printing), assembling, ultrasonic welding and painting.

The company offers a diverse range of procedures, complemented by various surface finishing processes, electroplating, painting and printing techniques that ensures a complete portfolio of plastic product 

In the moulding department Bolta Werke produces plastic parts with 36 moulding machines up to 1,500 tons. Thereafter the parts will be plated in one of the plating lines. The plating lines have a capacity of ~6.200m² per day, which means the largest daily capacity in Europe.  

For the enlargement of the portfolio and core competences, Bolta Werke invested in a painting line. Now Bolta Werke is able to produce plated parts as well as coated parts. 

Bolta Werke is always working in R&D and guarantees the customers actual status of moulding and plating innovation. 

International cooperation with universities and research institutions enable timely testing of the actual results of research

Products include:

All badges / symbols for Audi and Daimler (Mercedes Benz)
Radiator grills for Audi A4 / A5 / Q5 / A1 / S1 / S3 / R8
Chrome mask and door trims for Mercedes E Class
Chrome strips for Passat B7 and Tiguan
Chrome parts for front bumper Ford Mondeo
Bath tub grips / shower heads / covers for toilet flushers



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