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Purico Group Ltd


Purico’s position as an international leader in the paper industry can be traced back to 1986 with the acquisition of UK cigarette paper manufacturer Robert Fletcher and Sons.

Today the group has some of the most advanced machinery in the world and is a major tea bag and coffee filtration paper supplier. Our companies produce the paper for billions of tea bags each year, consumed in countries as diverse as Russia and the USA.

We are responsible for a huge variety of high quality paper products, including nearly half of the global paper output for sausage casings. In addition, we are one of the largest suppliers of overlay papers for laminate flooring and kitchen work surfaces.

The Purico Group’s high-grade tea and coffee filtration papers are exported to 50 countries, and we are the leading supplier of tobacco paper to the Chinese market.

With two modern factories in the UK, we produce a variety of paper grades suitable for all machine types. As sole the supplier to Tassimo, we also enjoy a strong presence in the single-serve coffee business.

Our proud history of innovation continues to this day. The forerunners of our UK companies produced Bible paper and the bank notes for the British Empire. Today we employ cutting edge inclined-wire technology to ensure the highest quality and optimal efficiency.

Purico’s pioneering joint venture involving the Chinese National Tobacco Corporation in 1995 was a successful blend of Western technology and local expertise. Hailed as a glowing example of British-Sino collaboration, it paved the way for the formation of a new company producing more than 12,000 tonnes of speciality papers a year.

No job is too big or too small for our production lines across the group. While we have invested in the latest machinery to cope with high volume orders, we also have equipment geared specifically towards manufacturing small batches of tailor-made products.

The pragmatic approach of Purico’s expert technical teams means new products can be developed within a short timescale. Drawing on the group’s extensive knowledge bank, they are highly adept at getting the best out of raw materials.

Our worldwide sales network, consisting of eight offices and more than 20 local agents, also plays its part in maintaining Purico’s prominent place in the paper industry.