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Purico Group Ltd

Bolta Werke GmbH

Bolta Werke GmbH of Bavaria in Germany boasts the largest operation of its kind in Europe, supplying high quality plated and painted plastic parts to car makers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Founded in 1921, the dynamic company is internationally renowned for making specially moulded plastic with a painted, chrome or other metal finish. The company designed the first plating on plastic line in 1967 and is a leading specialist in this process.

The Purico Group has invested more than 80 million euros in Bolta Werke in recent years. It now generates an annual turnover approaching 200 million euros.

With a 1,300-strong workforce at its main plant in Leinburg, Bolta Werke is driven by innovation, with its dedicated research and development teams continually designing new products and machinery.

The business manufactures around 9,000 different components, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and humid conditions across the globe. Much emphasis is placed on aesthetics too. Its chrome-plated badges, decorative trims, radiator grills and exhaust ends provide elegant accents, from bonnet to boot, on aspirational car brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. The factory also produces parts for Ford, Lamborghini, MAN and Porsche.

Bolta Werke has perfected various surface finishing processes involving electroplating, painting, printing and hot stamping techniques which are central to its success. Coated plastic parts can be made in different finishes to give each model a distinctive look, helping manufacturers to position their brands in the marketplace.

Its extensive product range also includes door trims, bumper parts, and mirror caps. The operation is extremely efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. More than 1,000,000 components are moulded every week, while its plating lines have the largest daily capacity in Europe.

Bolta Werke’s research and development engineers work closely with customers behind the scenes to design quality and distinctive products for cars of the future.