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Purico Group Ltd


The Purico Group is diverse by its very nature. Our companies operate across a broad spectrum of industries and service sectors on three continents.

Based in Europe, America and Asia, they manufacture everything from car badges to sausage casings, as well as the steel structures that have helped form the backbone of Britain.

We run one of London’s top heritage hotels, two homes for the elderly providing personalised care packages, and a luxury holiday park set in one of the UK’s most beautiful regions.

Purico also owns numerous shopping centres, industrial units and development land, along with a strong investment portfolio and a thriving house-building division.

Our businesses are active in the following sectors:

The Purico Group is committed to the pursuit of excellence and innovation. We have invested heavily in new technology and a skilled workforce to develop the best products for the market.

Our customers demand quality, affordable goods and services delivered on time. By pooling the knowledge and experience of our varied businesses throughout the world, we excel in achieving this.