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Purico Group Ltd


With advanced production facilities in the UK, Germany, Mexico and the USA, the Purico Group is a global leader in the design, manufacture and assembly of plastic parts for many of the world’s iconic car makers.

Purico has invested hundreds of millions of pounds in new engineering methods, machinery and buildings to meet the exacting demands of its many blue chip customers.

We are proud of our prestigious client list which includes Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

Our success is down to delivering the highest quality products at the lowest possible unit price. Every item is made with absolute precision by a highly skilled workforce, utilising the latest blow moulding, injection moulding and cubic printing processes.

The metal plated and blow moulded engine products that leave our factory gates are designed to meet the excating performance levels demanded by our customers. Among the components we create are the very symbols of Mercedes and VW – Purico is the sole supplier of their highly prized chrome-plated badges. Nine out of ten Audi radiator grills in the current range are manufactured by us. Every new Land Rover contains a part made at a Purico factory.

We make thousands of car components, such as decorative door trims, wing mirrors, ends of exhaust pipes, heating and air conditioning ducts.

At all its sites, Purico is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and continually reinvesting in cutting-edge technology. Bettix Limited, Bolton Plastic Components Limited, Bolta US Ltd, Bolta Werke GmbH and Nicro Bolta S A are all leaders in their field.

Purico’s German operations are internationally renowned for producing specially moulded plastic with a painted, chrome or other metal finish. One site in Bavaria generates enough chrome plated plastic every day to cover an entire football field. The plant has the single largest operation of its kind in the world, supplying vehicle makers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our UK businesses are world leaders in the production of bespoke blow moulded parts for a wide range of sectors including the automotive and the white goods industries. By investing heavily in the latest computer-aided design and multi-axis and sequential blow moulding technology, we have remained at the forefront of plastic moulding technology. The vehicle parts we supply include heating, ventilation/air conditioning ducts, and windscreen washer bottles.

The Mexican operation specialises in the production of chrome plated plastic parts. The company has one of the largest and most technically advanced production lines in the world, manufacturing products of unrivalled quality in Latin America.

Our new production facility in the USA is due to be in full swing by 2017. It will have the same huge capacity as the German and Mexican plants. The Alabama factory is strategically located near to existing Mercedes-Benz and VW operations, and other vehicle manufacturers in the region. It will join the Mexican plant in supplying the luxury 4x4 market throughout North America.

In response to the demand for ever more sophisticated and durable products, we have set up our own in-house research and development teams with separate technology and production departments. It is this investment and drive for excellence that has enabled us to maintain our lead position in the automotive supply chain since the turn of the last century.