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Purico Group Ltd

About Us

The Purico Group is committed to investing in – and shaping – tomorrow’s technology.

Our companies share knowledge with each other across the world, giving us the capacity to expand and innovate. This portability of expertise, within and across our varied sectors, is one of Purico’s strengths.

Purico businesses relentlessly pursue technical excellence in everything they do. The foundations of the group’s success are based on:

  • Developing a global technical capability
  • Investing in new product growth
  • Worldwide research

Investment, innovation and new technology are vital to our future.

We constantly strive to optimise productivity and the positioning of our products in the global  marketplace.

The production strategies we adopt can improve our customers’ competitiveness. Giving them excellent value for money is at the heart of everything we do.

Businesses in different countries increasingly need to work with each other to prosper on the international stage. Over the decades Purico has entered into a number of productive partnerships. We have grown stronger by harnessing the local technology knowledge of our international business partners. We are happy to be judged by our ability to continually satisfy the needs of our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve.

Purico is an environmentally-conscious company, committed to reducing its carbon footprint. In the space of eight years, we have reduced our energy consumption by 16 per cent, saving millions of pounds.

Case studies

The following case studies demonstrate how the Purico Group has implemented its core principles in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Nicro Bolta S A, Mexico

Purico’s chrome plating facility opened in 2005, primarily to supply parts to Volkswagen’s plant in Mexico.

The German car giant approached one of our companies, Bolta Werke GmbH, to set up a new factory producing plated parts in Puebla.

Bolta already produced VW badges and decals in Germany, and had the required technical knowledge and skills. It was therefore able to pass on its expertise and enter into a successful joint venture with a local manufacturer. Within 16 months Nicro Bolta was fully operational, making plastic parts to meet Volkswagen’s rigorous standards.

Devon Valley Limited/Union Papertech Limited

These two prominent paper companies contribute significantly to maintaining the Purico Group’s standing as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tea bag and coffee filtration paper.

Devon Valley and Union Papertech were originally owned by the Crompton Group which produced tea bags. When the group went into administration in 2006, Purico took the opportunity to acquire part of the business and turn it around.

A change in ownership and investment in new technology have enabled these businesses to improve processes and flourish. Today both firms are key suppliers of speciality papers to food and industrial markets across the world.

Dovestone Park

Land owned by the Purico Group in the Peak District National Park was the perfect place for us to develop a leisure facility that would appeal to lovers of the great outdoors.

The site, near the village of Greenfield, now houses a number of luxurious timber lodges and pods in the heart of the countryside. The glorious location is close to major cities and towns.

Dovestone Park’s two-bedroomed log cabins are available for sale or rent. Each has central heating, double glazing and a fully equipped kitchen, as well as all the latest gadgetry, including an iPad docking station, a large TV screen and multiple stereo speakers.

The development is very much in keeping with Purico’s aim of offering the best products and services throughout the world.