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Purico Group Ltd

Zhejiang Viola Plastics Company Limited

Zhejiang Viola Plastics Company Limited was founded in 2004 when the Purico Group acquired 80 per cent of the shares of Minfeng Plastics from the Minfeng Group. It was the third joint venture between the two groups.

The company makes a variety of products, such as plastic cigarette paper cores, woven bags and materials for a range of commercial and industrial applications. Drawing on the technical knowledge of Purico’s successful polymer and plastic businesses in Europe, Zhejiang Viola Plastics Company Limited has diversified its product range. This has enabled it to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding Chinese market and exploit new export opportunities.

The plastic cores are used mainly in cigarette paper bobbins, while the woven bags can hold all kinds of grains and powders, including chemicals and fertilisers. Both products can be made in different sizes and colours, according to the customer’s requirements. The bags can also be printed with names or logos.