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Puri Foundation

Since its launch in July 1988, The Puri Foundation has handed out millions of pounds to support good causes in Nottingham, where it is based, and India.

The trust was set up with a personal donation of £1 million from founder Nat Puri. The Purico Group matched this amount. Today the foundation draws its income from its commercial property portfolio and land holdings, although Professor Puri continues to provide most of the funds.

The charity’s aims are to give financial assistance to those in extreme need, hardship or distress; to advance education; and to provide recreational facilities, especially for young people.

Requests for funding should be made in writing to the trustees of The Puri Foundation at Environment House, 1 St Mark Street, Nottingham, NG3 1DE. The trustees judge all applications on an individual basis. Payment will be made by cheque if the application is successful.